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Lost Treasure - Magic Vial Golden Fire by Izile Lost Treasure - Magic Vial Golden Fire by Izile
Wow! This was a bit of a surprise. So I was digging through and cleaning my room and I found one of my boxes with one of my cards taped to the lid and a bit of writing on it. It's how I pack things up for craft fairs. I open it up and there's still a vial in it! I must have forgot one the last time I unpacked. . . which was. . . like a year and a half ago or more??? Wow!

The label says this little guy was "Golden Fire - garnet, citrine and cedar wood in sterling silver." (I have to short hand for the fairs) - but obviously a fire elemental piece, garnet and citrine with cedar was probably formulated around success, creativity and prosperity.

Now. The neat thing that I'm just tickled over and didn't notice until I was looking at the photos. Look at the dark photo on the left, that picture was taken hanging in my window long after the sun has left my garden with only a very distant bed lamp and the light in my ceiling to illuminate it. You know what that weird ghosty white circle is on the bottom left side? It's a bubble! It's a bubble that has grown a pretty resilient skin from the oil sitting still on its side in a box in the dark for over a year! I've rolled the vial around, there are 2 of these bubbles, they are heavy and do not float, they don't seem to be bothered by the broken rocks or pieces of cedar, they seem exceedingly resistant to popping - they just look like little translucent pearls. I think this is really neat!

The picture on the right is a picture with a direct lamp shining on it, as I do all my photos, so you can really see the gems interact and the colors.

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January 3, 2013
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